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Kaushik Charoliya


Title: Untitled
Medium: Etching 
Size In Inches: 5 x 6
No. of Edition: 10
Year: 2020
Price: INR 7,000

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Art is a sheer reflection of life(though sometimes modification and manipulation too) so in this continuous journey of learning, initially, I used to sketch live sketches, all realistic composition I used to try the way they were, albeit which I can capture in my lenses, which usually conceived from streets, marts, stations, and kind of public places. Normally these types of places full of crowds have been attracting me for I started to walk into the path of art. Then my lenses zoomed in a bit and my focus turned more focused toward some sort of roadside wanders, those who use to sell their stuff by standing at the roadside. The reason can be subjective too because my father is one of them. So those all colors, details, composition, and theirs diversity always triggers my fascination toward them. To date it is very interesting to me so in my works I tried to make their struggle of life live, their cravings, and their longings and still their passion for life. This is all my subject of work and trying to improve it through observation and I am sure here in this campus I will be able to enrich my vision through expert guidance.


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