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Runner-up Khokan Giri


Title: Untitled
Medium: Woodcut
Size in Inches: 35 × 19
No. of Editions:6
Price: INR 25000

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I belong to an interior village near the coastal area of Digha. Since my childhood, I spend time among the Nuliah Villages. As a result the objects like fishing traps, fishing nets, boats, and their lifestyles, their struggles keep inspiring me, and subconsciously these affected and enriched my visual interpretation. More later stage these forms appeared to my art practice as reference. While working, these objects appeared to me as a biography of those people. These objects are reflecting the struggle of those communities. The combination of rhythm, Architectonic linear quality of the objects like Fishing traps, fishing nets to me is very much symbolic of their lifestyle. At the same time, there is also some sort of optical illusion within these structural forms that inspired me. I have tried to show the intense struggle of these people and the particular identity of this particular area through my work of art. My current works are based on my environment and the society in which I live and how we are being affected by this current situation which is affecting us mentally and emotionally. This epidemic explained to me that even a small moment becomes our memories, the moment we do not even notice.


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