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Jintu Mohan Kalita


Title: Inner Self
Size: 18 x 24 inches
Medium: Woodcut
Edition: 3

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Don’t pore over my work if you believe that life is a plain and strength freeway. For it is not. We are all born travelers, damned to go on without knowing the destination. The course of the tiring miles of never- ending roads is full of sudden U-turn sand dangerous twists.
The country dotted with rich meadows and verdurous fields along with the quiet, still and harmonious appearing bucolic life casts a spell on us. but rarely do we slow down. Sometimes we despise our compulsive mobility. But do we ever stop? And where do we eventually reach? We keep circling over a self-made mirage like a kite which rounds atop the carrion.
Our chase down the will – o-the wispy lane often makes us change our stripes. Having lost the angelic pursuits, the journey from a lesser human to a cannibalistic demon becomes the most traversed pathway.
Many like me try to solve the riddle knowing that the answer to the ridden is the riddle itself, best portrayed in the concentric circles. so glance upon these works which look like riddles, but might carry answers to yours!


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