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India Printmaker House is a platform dedicated to nurturing artist and their craft in all forms of printmaking.

Established in early 2019, we intend to create possibilities for printmakers within the broader cultural and artistic practice. By showcasing high quality, handmade, limited edition fine art prints at a fair price, making our online gallery an accessible and inviting platform. Representing a diverse selection of young students, contemporary artists and some of the best upcoming printmakers.

We support artist by providing grant & residency. IPMH selects a winner who shows exceptional talent for the ‘Manorama Young Printmaker Award’ annually, who are selected by a jury. The winner is highlighted on our website along with receiving a financial award from ‘Parkshala’ a NGO, Japanese paper worth 300$ from ‘Awagami Factory’ and 4 week residency at a print studio in ‘ArtBuzz Studio’ Delhi. Two runners up receive gifts sponsored by ‘Ravi Engineering Works’, leading manufacturer of printmaking products and the other 22 selected artists are represented on our online platform.

We also organize lectures, presentations, exhibitions & workshops to educate public about printmaking!


Shivangi & Akshay are following their passion to do something different. After bouncing ideas with each other for several months and promising that would start out on own, they settled on India Printmaker House.

They are not looking to change the world but merely making it a bit happier and artsy. They want to celebrate young printmakers everywhere by supporting them and helping them get connected to collectors.

Here is to a bright future for all printmakers as they all journey together!


Shivangi is a practicing artist and has done her specialization in MA Printmaking from Royal College of Art, London in 2016. Prior to this, she did BFA in painting from College of Art, Delhi University in 2012. Her works are in permanent collections at The British Museum, V&A Museum, RCA’s Print Archives, East London Printmaker’s Archive, Mead Museum, Snap Studio’s Archive, and have been published in Art in Print Journal, USA;  Art Soul Life Magazine and Platform Magazine, India.

As a printmaker she realised that there weren’t enough opportunities for her to sustain in this field and do what she really loved to do. Even though she is fairly doing well, it’s hard! Keeping that in mind and thinking of growth as not just an individual but a collective growth of society, she took an initiative to create a platform where ‘India Printmaker House’ could support artists financially and give artists a space where they can connect with each other and create further possibilities.



Akshay one of our two founders tries to claim the title of Crowned Head of India Printmaker House. He spent his childhood in various countries, which has given him an interesting take on artworks.

His interests include art (obviously) and experiencing new cultures through food. He is not looking to change the world but to add to the society by giving young artists a standing and a voice in this overly competitive and globalized world.

Also he believes in communicating clearly without overly complicated words. Through his interests, experiences and beliefs, he settled on ‘India Printmaker House’ as a growth platform for all artists alike.


“ I want to encourage people to be more creative in their lives and have them build the courage to be able to pursue their dreams in genuine attempt for empowering and inspiring other people around them.”

Kartikeya is a Dreamer, Writer & Traveler.

His quest for the absolute truth led him to walk on an unknown path and inspired travels around the world to faraway lands, with him also becoming an author to his first book, “Dream Beyond Shadows”, which captures tales about his many insightful stories, based on the experiences he gained from a trailblazing expedition to Peru, South America.

After his return to India he worked and traveled around the country, facing extreme conditions to challenge his mind into gaining powerful insights for creating his next work. Having compiled a lot of writing in the second half of 2018 with utmost dedication, he then took things to the next level with his latest endeavor called ‘The Nameless Walk’, where he walked from Kanyakumari to Goa purely on foot, covering 1030 kms.


Bess is a Swedish artist-curator working internationally, who believes in printmaking as a socially engaged practice that knows no bounds. If you can ink it, you can print it!

She holds a PhD from Center of the Fine Art Print UWE Bristol, on the socially engaged print. At the age of 16, She moved to Japan to learn printmaking and since then, she works with Japanese woodcut Mokuhanga, Serigraphy, Intaglio & Lino culminating in large scale installations and images.

Her award winning NHS project Six Senses Garden project, Fanzine and film, created together with Dr. Anna Febrero & Melissa Hardwick, examines how plants (and humans) manage stress, combining plant physiology with printmaking and building gardens.

Patients struggling with chronic illness, anxiety and isolation made a fanzine outlining coping mechanisms learning from the natural world. Building on this project, continue to she works with printmaking in cross-disciplinary projects around ecology: planetary and human stress, collaborating with plant scientists and communities in Barcelona and London.

Her works are exhibited internationally and held in several private collections.

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