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India Printmaker House Collector’s Club

When a new world is imagined together, something may result in a productive exchange and possibly create artwork of depth. It could be a way of being in the world, investigating and probing because ‘tomorrow’s art, if it is to be at all stirring, will no doubt be performed upon today’s forbidden territory’ (Ben Shahn, 1957:91).

India Printmakers House Collective and Collectors Club strive to create a community of collectors and to improve the working conditions of Indian print based artists. Pricing strategies are key factors offering a range, from a limited edition print to a giclee reproduction printed on demand and to desired size. Collectors can join hosted quarterly events, to learn about prints, meet the artists and decide to purchase prints individually, or as a club commissioning prints. Culture is central to the identity of nation and how it communicates with itself and its citizens. Although passion drives the making of prints, the artists also need access to economic resources. Indian Printmakers House Collectors club provide the best of both words creativity, exhibitions and its affordable, authentic and original imagery that contribute to a beautiful home for all.

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