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Anuj Daga, Keshav Mahendru, Soghra Khurasani

Jury 2023

The Manorama Printimakers’ Award selection gave me an opportunity to understand the wide range of experiments young Printimakers across India are doing in exploring techniques as well as the subject. We debated much amongst ourselves to select the finalists, and I must congratulate all the works submitted, for there are ideas that have so much potential to be developed in each work. I look forward to new expressions through this medium that speak to the complexity of our environment today.

Sanjeev Visweswaran

Jury 2022

I would like to thank India Printmaker House for inviting me to jury the Manorama Young Printmakers Award for 2022. It was wonderful to see the amount of dedication artist had put in to send the applications. I would like to congratulate each and every artist for getting shortlisted for the award, its never easy to narrow down.

Jamini Kishore

Winner 2022

Jamini studied painting from Surat School of Fine Arts, followed by masters in Printmaking and graphics from MSU Vadodara. Her work focus on memories from our past experiences. The act of removing a single thread from a piece of fabric leave a mark that narrates the history of what existed.


Jury 2021

My observation from acting as jury on the IPMH awards for 2021 is that the pandemic has acutely impacted printmaking practice, especially amongst students and young practitioners who lack studio access. Perhaps as a result of this, there were more relief prints than anything else this year, as opposed to intaglio, lithography or serigraphy submissions that one would normally expect to see for printmaking awards. However, it was also heartening to find that young practitioners have risen to the challenge of continuing printmaking practice minus studio infrastructure, making not just relief impressions but also monoprints, both of very high calibre. The real test of an artist is to continue to function innovatively even under adverse conditions, and I am happy to say that the IPMH Awards Shortlist reflects this spirit of innovation and perseverance.

Soham Chakraborty

Winner 2021

Soham recently graduated from Kala Bhavan Visva Bharti University, Shanti Niketan in Graphic Arts. He is receipt of Khoj Support Grant, Delhi, 2021. He has participated in Kochi Muziris Student’s Biennale, 2021; all India National Annual Exhibition, Academy of Finearts, Kolkata 2018; Kala Kalakshepam Art Exhibition, Andra Pradesh 2020; Google Book Art Exhibit, Project GBC & C 2020; to name a few.


Jury 2020

I would like to thank India Printmaker House for inviting me to jury the Manorama Young Printmakers Award for 2020. I was delighted and humbled to see the sheer talent and dedication in every artist who submitted their work, and it was not easy to narrow down and make selections from them. The conceptual, visual and technical range of the work was inspiring to me, and I am looking forward to seeing these artists grow and develop their practice. I would like to commend IPMH on the wonderful work they are doing to encourage young artists and provide invaluable resources to the printmaking community.

Nilanjan Das

Winner 2020

Nilanjan Das is a printmaker and multidisciplinary artist based in Kolkata. He completed his M.F.A and graduation in printmaking from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. He is interested in gender interaction and intimacy in the public domain. His interest in public space instigated him to work with various mediums, from interactive public art projects to traditional printmaking mediums, especially with screen print or serigraphy, which he both applied for his studio practice and print in the public domain.


Jury 2019

I want to thank India Printmaker House for inviting me to jury Manorama Young Printmaker Award 2019. Jurying this competition has been a challenging and
humbling experience because of the quality of works and the array of skills and topics submitted. While it was was painful narrowing down the awardees I was joyed by the dynamism taking place in Indian printmaking. I would like to congratulation everyone involved in this project. It’s a brilliant initiative and I hope it grows on to motivate many more artist printmakers in the future.

Mausham R Mangalaa

Winner 2019

Mausham is a graduate from M.S University Baroda & currently working at Space Studio, Vadodara. His works conveys a belonging. compression of time, space & place in a wider perspective of references, embedded from his surroundings with the critical view of social, political & cultural encounters.