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Viscosity printing is a multi-color printmaking technique that incorporates principles of relief printing and intaglio printing. The different levels of layers are created on the plate, by dipping the plate inside the acid bath for a longer duration. This creates a 3 dimensionality on the 2 – D surface.

Different colors of ink are applied, on different levels, by using different kind of rollers. Hard or soft. Soft roller is used to apply the ink on the deepest layer while hard roller is used to apply ink on the top most layer.

The process uses the principle of viscosity to print multiple colors of ink from a single plate, rather than relying upon multiple plates for color separation. It is a fine art printmaking technique, making original prints in limited editions, as it is slow and allows too much variation between proofs to make large editions feasible.

After applying the ink, the plate is passed through the press on the damped paper.

Garima. My cat 2018. Edition of 3